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Video: The Criterium 01 from Crank Arm Steady

28 Feb

Video: CBNC x David Flores Skinsuits by Endo Customs from CBNC

27 Feb

2014 Red Hook Criterium Championship Series

26 Feb


Trimble Racing is proud to announce the 2014 Red Hook Criterium Championship Series. Rockstar Games returns as the presenting sponsor alongside a strong list of supporting series sponsors including Giro Sport Design, Cinelli, Castelli Cycling, Timbuk2, hatchMAP, San Marco, Ass Savers, Peloton Magazine, and R&A Cycles.

Series Schedule
1. March 29, 2014 – Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.7
2. August 30, 2014 – Red Hook Criterium Barcelona No.2
3. October 11, 2014 – Red Hook Criterium Milano No.5

Race Registration
Race registration for the Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No. 7 opens on
Monday February 17 at 12:00pm EST

Season Features
Three Race Championship
Improved Atmosphere
Improved Timing & Scoring App
Better Athlete Experience
Improved Qualifying Format
Design & Sponsorship Collaborations
5k Running Races in Brooklyn & Barcelona
Women’s Criterium

Video: Hardbrakers – Budapest to Istanbul Movie Teaser from Hardbrakers

26 Feb

Video: BIG DIRTY x RAGE 2013 from schaaf incorporated

25 Feb

Video: Welcome to the HeavyPedal from Rafael Hernandez

25 Feb

The Ultimate Guide to Biking and Cycling

21 Feb

The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Biking-Cycling1source : Lifehack