Fixed Gear – Go Back to Go Forward?

7 Nov

Dudes, what’s going on with fixed gear? Is it alive and kicking, dying a long slow death or is it dead? This is a genuine question because I’m unsure.

Fixed gear is in a weird place right now, in the last 5 years or so we have seen it grow very quickly from an underground thing into very sellable commodity as a mainstream fashion item and then those of us who have a finger in the pie (shops, brands, bloggers, etc) have seen a pretty sharp decrease in interest. This decrease was noticed by distributors at least two years ago but big name brands like Levi’s are still trying to cash this cow.

I know I’m not speaking for just myself when I say that the last year has resulted in reduced website traffic, less t-shirt sales and a general lull in interest. Many blogs have fallen by the wayside, I can’t even count the number of fixed gear scene videos that were never finished, some online shops have closed (Hub Jub, Urban Hunter) while others have changed direction (Tokyo Fixed>Kinoko).

What do you think is going on with the fixed gear scene? I am glad that the bubble burst, when things go mainstream they become corrupted and less exciting, that is a FACT. I predict that the next year or so will see a load of small hardcore scenes redeveloping around the UK, I don’t think fixed gear is dead but in a way I wish it would die a little faster so that we can get back to basics.

I really hope that rolled up trouser legs, cycling caps and leg over skids make a big comeback soon, I really miss that shit.

source: the foot down

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